Within Sentle you can easily choose various methods of payment by which to cover your subscription costs.

The billing information page looks as follows.


To add a new payment method, select ‘add new payment method’ and follow the instruction related to your chosen method from those displayed here.


The blue star that is displayed within the payment method box will indicate that this is the primary payment method and also that this set up to take automated payment.

Within this screen you are also able to change your billing address by editing via the pencil icon in the billing window.

Please note:

If a credit, debit card or paypal payment method is set as auto payment then Sentle will attempt to take payment 5 days following the issue date of the associated invoice. If a payment fails, Sentle will attempt to take an additional payment in the following two days.

If direct debit is set to auto payment, Sentle will process the payment once the invoice has been generated. If a direct debit fails we will only attempt 1 more retry.

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