Folders can be edited using the options included in the edit menu that is located in the top right of the DMS screen as displayed below.


The options available are as follows,


Rename: Select this to change the name of the folder. When prompted in the window, choose the new name for the folder and confirm with the ‘rename folder’ button.


Move: By selecting move you can choose to move a folder and it’s contents into another folder within your directory. Via the menu that is displayed when selecting move, choose which folder you wish to move the folder into from the available list. The selected folder will be highlighted green and the ‘move’ button is used to confirm the action.


Copy: Selecting Copy will allow you to copy a folder and it’s contents into another folder. The method is similar to that of move with the list of available folders being displayed as below. Please Note: You cannot copy a folder into itself.


Delete: When choosing to delete a folder and all of it’s contents a confirmation message will be displayed as below.


Refresh: Refresh will refresh this page view if required.

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