Within Sentle you can add shifts to the calendar allowing you to keep track of your candidate or contractor placements. When these shifts are added to the calendar they can be configured to automatically send shift confirmation texts to the candidates and automated reminders if required.

To set up a new shift calendar activity, when in the calendar view select the configuration tab as shown below.


Select the ‘Activity Types’ tag from the left-hand menu and use the green ‘+ Add Activity Type’ button to create a new activity.


You can now add a name to the activity type (this is what will be displayed when the activity is chosen in the calendar) and give the activity a description and colour that you’d like to see when the shift is added to the calendar.


Shift activity communications

By using Sentle’s integrated text messaging capabilities you can send automated shift confirmations (when scheduling in the calendar) and configure automated reminders to be sent out if required.

There are default templates within Sentle, although you will require to add a custom message template to send a confirmation text like this…


To create the required template select edit on the ‘When activity is created’ box which currently says ‘Send Default Message’.


When the new window opens select ‘Send Custom Message’ on the left-hand side and ‘New Template’ from the options on the right-hand side.

You will be presented with the following screen within which you can give the template a name and description.


Within the Message Content window, the following text should be added to ensure all address and date/time information is automatically added to the shift confirmation message (as shown in the window)

Please note: If you want us to help you configure these messages please contact us via the support chat button on the bottom left of your screen.

Hi #{{<%Contacts--FirstName%>}}

Shift confirmed at,

#{{<%Activities--AddressBlock%>}} on

#{{<%Activities--StartDate--LLLL%>}} until #{{<%Activities--EndDate--LLLL%>}}

If you have any problems or can't attend please contact us as soon as possible.

Many thanks


You can now attach this custom template to the activity if it isn’t already. When successfully attached to the activity the message box will change to say ‘Send Custom Message’

Sending automated reminders

If desired, you can configure Sentle to send out automated shift reminders at specific time prior to the shift starting. We recommend that these are sent 12 hours before the shift so that you aren’t sending in the middle of the night for morning shifts.


Create a new template of ‘Shift Reminder’ within the template area to include the following…

Hi #{{<%Contacts--FirstName%>}}

Just a quick reminder that your shift at,


Starts today at #{{<%Activities--StartDate--h:mm a%>}}.

Please let us know if you can't make the shift for any reason.

Kind regards,



On the shift activity within the calendar configuration area, choose ‘Add new timed notification’ as below to apply this template to the shift activity.


Choose the ‘shift reminder’ template and set it to send ‘before the activity’ before choosing how many hours beforehand to send the message. In this example it is set to be sent 12 hours before the shift is due to begin. Select ‘Add new timed notification’ to apply this message to the activity.


When added you’ll see that the calendar activity is updated to reflect that it has a time-based notification set up. Note: There will be no time-based notification set up by default on custom activities such as this.


Your shifts are now configured to send shift confirmation and auto reminder texts!

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