Adding a single shift to the calendar.

When in the calendar view, click the day on which you wish the shift to start. (you can change this later if required) You will be presented with the following window.


Selecting the ‘shift’ activity will open the following window where you are able to add the details of the shift.


Here you can setup the following…

  • Shift start and end time/date.

  • This can either be located via a Sentle contact or can be located via Google Maps lookup or entered manually.

  • If you have a specific service configured, you can add it here or ignore this field.

  • In the Staff Members field, you’ll notice that you will have been added by default. You can remove yourself from this field so that you don’t receive push notifications relating to the shift via the Sentle app. You can of course leave yourself there if you do indeed want to receive reminders!

  • Resources allow to assign a specific item, like a room or piece of equipment to a shift. This can be left empty if not applicable to you.

  • On the right-hand side of the window, search for the candidate or contact that is attending the shift. Start typing in the window to be presented with the relevant contacts and make your selection from the list. You will see previous shifts listed for the contact if applicable.

  • The title of shift will be automatically populated with ‘Shift for *contact name*’

  • The notify customer ‘check box’ will be ticked by default meaning that that text messages if configured against this calendar activity will be sent out.

When you happy that you have all the correct details in place, use the ‘book now’ button to add the shift to the calendar. Where it will be displayed as follows.


Scheduling a multi-day shift.

To add a multi-day shift to the calendar you must select ‘multi shift’ from the options available when clicking on a day within the calendar.

From here you can add the start and end date based on the start of the first shift to and end of the final shift. Simply select the relevant start and end time and date at the top of the window.

The difference with this calendar activity is that you can then add details of each day within the description window as shown here,


As before, selecting ‘book now’ will add the multi-shift to the calendar where it will show up as follows.


If configured a confirmation text will be sent to the customer that will look like this.

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