Within the Message Centre you are able to manage your messages, conversations and templates as well as viewing progress data of ongoing group message jobs.


The conversations tab will list all text conversations that have been created and continued through Sentle. New outbound messages will display information of which Sentle user sent the message and the current status of the message as follows pending (queued to send) sent (massage sent) delivered (has reached recipients device) failed (message was undelivered)


Selecting ‘view conversation’ will display the message window as seen when starting or responding to a text conversation. From this window you are able to respond by text or telephone call to the conversation.


The conversation view can be filtered by selecting the options in the menu bar as shown above.

All Messages: Will show all messages regardless of direction and delivery status

Delivered: Shows all messages that have reached their destination

Undelivered: Message that haven’t been sent or have failed to reach their destination. This could be down to a unused number, switched off device etc.

Received: All inbound messages received into Sentle from your contacts.

If required you can also make a quick call to contact via the 'Call Contact' button located on the right hand side of the conversation window. This will initiate the Sentle Talk window as described in the Sentle Talk articles.

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