Once you have an email account integrated for use with Sentle, you are able to use Sentle as your source for sending and receiving all email. Any emails sent to or received from one of your Sentle contacts will be stored in their activity timeline. This guide will show you how to compose and send emails as well as connecting emails to contacts or creating new contacts as a result of emails received.

Composing Emails


Select ‘Compose Message’ from the left hand menu and you will be presented with the screen as shown above. From here you can do the following…

  • Select ‘From’ email address: This allows you to choose which of your integrated accounts you wish to send the email from. Simply select the desired email from the drop down list.

  • To: This is the email recipient. This could be from an existing contact (begin typing a name and suggested contacts will be displayed to choose from) or you can type an email address in freehand.

  • Subject: The subject area of the email.

  • Email Body: Type your message as you would with any email editor. There are familiar formatting options available to use.

  • Add Attachments: You can add an attachment easily by clicking on the ‘Add Attachment’ button and navigating to the desired file, document etc.

  • When you are happy with your email, hit ‘send message’ to send the email to the contact.

All sent emails will be moved into the ‘sent’ folder as shown below.

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