Mailboxes Explained

Within the Sentle mailbox you will have various folders on the left hand side which are explained below...

  • Inbox: This a shared inbox available to all Sentle users within your organisation where they are able to view all emails. The emails that show up in this inbox will be linked to a contact within your system.


Please note: when deleting emails directly from the inbox they will also be removed from the associated contact's timeline. The following warning will be displayed in this scenario.

  • Sent: All emails that have been sent from your individual Sentle account.

  • Internal Emails (inbox): These are all emails that have been sent to you from colleagues. Emails can be deleted from this folder.

  • Internal Emails (sent): All emails that have been sent to colleagues.

  • Unlinked Emails: All emails you have received that aren’t linked to a contact within your Sentle system. (see next page for linking emails/creating new contacts based on emails)

  • Email Account Folders: eg This will contain all emails sent directly to you and will contain a mixture of linked and unlinked emails.

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