Unlinked Emails

‘Unlinked’ emails describes emails that you receive that are not from a contact that is currently in your system. These could be from a new enquiry or could be a promotional/marketing email which has been sent to your integrated email account (gmail etc)

There a couple of ways you can deal unlinked emails that we’ll cover in this section.


Unlinked emails will be listed as shown above. After opening the email that you wish to process you will have the following options available to you.


As well as the standard reply and forward actions you have the following options open to you,

  • Link to Contact: This will allow you to either link this email address to an existing contact or add a new contact to the system by completing the following steps...


By selecting ‘create a new contact’ you will be taken to the standard new contact details screen with the relevant email address already in place. You must add a first name and last name as minimum data before being able to save the new contact into Sentle.


If you choose to ‘Add Sender to Blacklist’ then Sentle will stop receiving emails from that email address. The emails will still show up in your external account (gmail/outlook etc) but Sentle will not add them to your Sentle email inbox.

You can manage your Blacklisted email addresses in the ‘installed applications’ area of Sentle. As displayed below, all blacklisted email addresses will be shown in the red box.


You can choose to remove an email address from the blacklist by deleting it from this area by selecting the cross. You will be presented with a confirmation alert informing you that if you delete this email address from the blacklist then all emails will once again be delivered to your inbox.

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