Attachments received via email can be easily moved into new or existing folders within a contact’s Document Storage area.

Attachments as shown in the image below can be moved to document storage either one attachment at a time or all at the same time.


Choosing ‘Move to Storage’ or ‘Move all Attachments to Storage’ will open a contact search window that will either default to the contact that sent the email (if they are a contact within Sentle) or will allow you to choose which contact you wish to save the attachments against. The contact search and select is performed in the same manner as other areas of Sentle (such as the message centre)

You can create a new folder if required to copy the attachment to by selecting the 'create folder' option on this screen.


Select which folder that you wish to move the attachment to and select the ‘move attachment’ folder in the bottom right. The attached files will then show up in the relevant folder and can be edited, downloaded etc as described in the Document Management System guide.

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